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GG Starbuck 

Registration No. GV00311F2

The beloved GG Starbuck is the firstborn Gypsy Vanner horse out of Kuchi Vanner. Kuchi, Gypsy Vanner, is the first Gypsy Vanner born on USA soil.  To say he is the first of first's is fitting. He comes from what are considered heirloom bloodlines and his offspring are highly prized. Kuchi is a senior now & no longer producing, so the bloodline is simply ir-replaceable! His sire is the late Latcho Drom and Grandsire The Gypsy King only add to the echos of how great and special he is. 


GG Starbuck is five star GVHS rated, which means he has received the highest rating given to a Gypsy Stallion. The rating comes by a tedious exam and judging process of the overall make of the horse.  Including, but not limited to, the conformation, feather & bone, as well as movement. Structurally, Starbuck is built traditional & very proportionate. His movement is as graceful as he looks. He encompasses the ability to transition from walk to trot to canter very smoothly and has many years experience driving.  His driving skills are exceptional. Starbuck also rides for us, both English & Western. He is very well versed. 

GG Starbuck has had many No.1 National Championships in his early show career where he went on to drive wedding carriages for happy couples.  His years driving at the Ocala horse park, brought much happiness & joy for many people and visitors from afar. He really is as smart as he is beautiful!

Starbuck's DNA is EE black/black and his offspring are world class.  Producing solid black to silver dapple & blue roan as well as grays. With his DNA EE, he is able to produce any color depending on the color of the mare chosen. In fact, he has also produced a rarity and gem, the world's first confirmed solid black filly with no expression of white, no white hoof, no star or snip no white on her body! There is only one other confirmed case in the world, a stallion who resides in New Zealand. Starbuck is a wonderful sire!  It's no secret that Starbuck adds heavy straight, healthy bone, very thick gorgeous manes,  tails & feathering that would even shame Fabio!   

His offspring perpetuate his legacy as many of his offspring have gone onto Stardom in the show circuits winning championship titles and bringing home the blue ribbons and multiple titles. Those who own a GG Starbuck foal or adult GG Starbuck Vanner, know just what a joy it is.  

GG Starbuck's temperament is very quiet & composed at all times.  He is very classy and polite.  Reminds us of The Old Hollywood scene, a polished gentleman. When he walks into a room or out of his stall his presence is commanding & awe inspiring.  Many gasp in his appearance, as he is just that beautiful to see.

Starbuck loves to baske in the sunshine, enjoys a good groom & bath.  He is comfortable to sleep under the stars or snug in his stall.  Starbucks also has great taste in snacks, while loving a nice slice of juicy watermelon or a good apple, peppermints are his usual daily grind.

To photograph Starbuck is so much fun as he never has a bad hair day.  With hair nearly to his knees and soft full feathering that is long enough to blow in the wind, married with a tail that is thick as the corn fields in the fall, he is simply just photogenic!

Just a well put together horse with so much experience made of many years of true companionship, excellent training and heirloom bloodline that stands the test of time, he is GG Starbuck, The Living Legend.

GG Starbucks Sire Latcho Drom
GG Starbucks Dam Kuchi
Grandsire The Gypsy King
Granddam Bat


GG Starbucks Full Pedigree 

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