Cherry Creek Vanners Breeding Program

Cherry Creek Vanners is honored to succeed with blessing from the first Original producing Gypsy Vanners both our Mares & Stallions into our breeding program. Our bloodstock was bestowed from the 1st of the 1st's.  Including Kuchi who was the first Gypsy Vanner born on U.S. soil  out of the first Original 1st imported mare Bat, and the 1st foal produced by Kuchi, our Newest addition Starbuck.  "First of the Firsts", so the saying goes.  When it comes to breeding First Quality, the saying goes a long way! Our production stock is  guaranteed to increase in value, guaranteed to conform to the highest quality standards sought in a breed, guaranteed to be healthy/sound & workable no matter your choice of discipline and guaranteed to always bring a smile to your face with a long successful partnership.  


Starbuck is a 5 Star GVHS rated all black Stallion, the highest rating given by the GVHS and we are honored that he now Stands Stud at Cherry Creek Vanners in Colorado, to approved Gypsy Vanner mares Nationwide, including Canada. He is also available World wide, contact for details regarding regulations for shipping semen out of Country.


We are equally honored to welcome Starbucks Dam, Miss Kuchi herself, the 1st Gypsy Vanner born on U.S. soil.  With blessing both from Gypsy Gold and Wr we are able to offer offspring out of Kuchi, the first Gypsy Vanner born on U.S. soil, via embryo transfer.


Latcho's Shadow is half brother to Starbuck, our High Jump & Dressage Champion/ Black Stallion.  He is a proven producer as well and often produces the most handsome solid color foals.  His foals are highly regarded in the athletic industry in the horse world.

Cherry Creek Vanners welcomed both Pie & Sky(Vanilla Swirl) driving team in 2014.  With blessing we are also enabled to offer embryo transfer offspring out of both of these Iconic Panda Rose/Cushti Bok bloodlines. In 2017 Pie and Sky both carried and successfully foaled their last own carry babies.  New offspring will be thoughtfully planned through recipient mares for Pie & Sky to enjoy a much deserved retirement.  Both colt out of Pie & Filly out of Sky (2017) are available for purchase Winter 2017-2018.

Blue My Mind was the 1st Foundation Stallion to our Program in 2012, out of Deja Blue.  He is double lined Gypsy King and is a real crown jewel to our program with his over the top correct conformation,  unique beauty and handsome Pedigree.  We often are told that he is Favorited because of his "Good Looks" and ability to pass on his Wonderful traits.  Blue My Mind, AKA Bruiser now stands stud at Cherry Creek Vanners to approved outside Gypsy Vanner Mares. He is also available Nationally & World wide. Originally  at breeding age two years ago, we did not offer Blue My Mind outside our own breeding program, however, the request has succeeded vote and we are pleased to announce.

Summer's Annie Rose is Blue My Mind's adorable mother.  "Trying to not be partial here", but we swear she has the cutest ears & head we have ever seen on a Gypsy Vanner, I mean ever!  She may well be the most adorable Gypsy Vanner Mare anywhere.  "She" blows my mind every time, irony.  She is as sweet in temperament as she in characteristics. Annie is available for a custom breeding via embryo transfer 2018 to an approved Stallion at Cherry Creek or approved outside Stallion, price will be variable on choice.


Pearlie Girl is a Pearlie King girl. She is agreeably one of the most breathtaking mares. She's always at it, "Taking your breath away".  We are humbled to offer such an incredible mare in our breeding program.  Pearlie Girl has been raised here since she was a yearling and is approaching breeding age.  Offspring will be offered Via embryo transfer upon breeding request.


Blackberry Pie & Delilah Blue are two of our most Statuesque beauties.  Both 15 plus hands.  Delilah is mostly white and build like a tank after The Lion King, with feather and hair to wrap you up in.  Blackberry Pie is black blagdon (four white feet) and produced her very first foal in 2017, Little Huckleberry Pie  filly, The apple did not fall far from the tree. In fact it really replicated. She's a wonderful broodmare.  She was not bred back for a second foal, however, her 2017 filly is available in the Winter. 


Controversially, we do not breed every year.  But produce every other year to every third year.  Out horses are not just brood mares or ornaments, they are real Members to the Family, riding companions, driving companions & so much more & we take everything into consideration and to heart when it comes to breeding our beautiful Mares back. 


Cinderella was attained by little Love & a little Luck.  Not only is she one of the few from the Rocking Horse Line producing in the U.S. , she is also a unique gem at  spontaneously/2 out of 3, producing solids.  Cinderella is a tender mother and loves and rears her foals with kindness.  She is exemplary in her temperament and on point for a perfectly rounded apple bottom and sweet refined head, her foals are always full of flash and It's very easy to imagine blue ribbons being thrown at her foals, they're just that nice. Cinderella is offered in 2018, due in 2019 for a custom breeding & pre-purchase of her in-utero foal.  Make arrangements to stay & witness your foals birth! In-utero pre purchases come with live foal guarantee and include our ultrasound to birth packaged experience.


Diamond is Master producer of all black foals and her offspring are always preposterously friendly.  No one would guess an hour old foal would want to rub noses with you, or agree to even be scratched from head to toe by any humans.  This mare is again, appropriately named.  Diamonds' are a girls best friend, rings true here every-time. Diamond is offered in 2018 due in 2019 for a custom breeding & pre-purchase of her in-uter foal. Experience the growth & birth in person or through complimentary video footage & photography of the Special event.

One of the most exciting planned breeding at Cherry Creek is out of our own homebred Gypsy Vanner Mare. Wish upon a Star, aka Wishes.  She is out of our Cinderella and the Infamous Chocolate Silver dapple Stallion, Saint Clarins.  Wishes is a a choclate lover's dream, dappled & flaxen feather & mane. We are offering a custom breeding and Pre-purchase of her very first foal to be bred in 2018, due in 2019.


Diamonds In Blue aka Bram is being offered for the first time to outside mares, starting 2018. He is half brother to Blue My Mind out of Heavenly Rose.  Diamonds in Blue is the first foal ever born on the farm.   He is available both Nationally & Internationally.  Bram has caught the eye of  a driving enthusiast and will be entering "Carriage College" soon.  We could not be happier for his new venture in 2018.