Kuchi Breyer Model

Kuchi was sculpted & created into a Limited Edition Breyer Model in the year 2009.  The limited edition toy was produced twice.  Although Kuchi is a mare, she was accidentally produced as a gelding for Breyer. This Edition  is rare and hard to come by.  Kuchi was also produced by Breyer as model #1353 as herself a Gypsy Vanner Mare.  If you are interested in buying a Kuchi limited edition Breyer model, please contact Gypsy Gold horse farm gift shop or contact us for more information on how to find Breyer Model #1353 Kuchi.  She is rare, but we can get you one!

Breyer toy company is the world's most collected model horse company.  Each horse chosen to be a Breyer horse model since the year 1950 is hand sculpted into an L.E.,  with careful study of the original horse, breed conformation & stylized in it's likeness through photographs provided of the horse.  No two are exactly alike, in addition, each Breyer model is handpainted by talented artists.  Sculpted in  1:9 scale.