Kuchi's Birth & Legacy

Kuchi's story is not only one for the GV breed history books but is also a cherished one. Not only is she the very first Gypsy Vanner born on U.S. Soil, she is also the only foal ever produced by the first U.S. Gypsy Vanner Import-from her dam Bat.  


In 1999 Peter Jennings from ABC Nightly News reported her birth at Marablu Farm in Ocala Florida, under their foaling program Babies R Us, by Dennis & Cindy Thompson of Gypsy Gold Farm who are re-nowned for introducing the breed into the U.S.   

This first foal born on our native soil, receives the name Kuchi.  Appropriately named for the breeds' heritage & genetic root, dating back through the years of Romany travel, work & life.  Historically the breed were considered not only as working horses but as closely as family members.  The temperament of the breed, allowed the Romany children to climb on and under and over without folly.  Romany's have enjoyed decades with the this particular breed.  Their heritage is one of  joy, vibrant color, cheerfulness, hard-working & often celebrated by dancing the Hoochie Kuchi.  Kuchi was born out of love, respect for the Romany people & pure joy to the newly introduced breed. 

In 2002 Gypsy Gold would sale Kuchi to Wr Ranch where she began a successful working  career. Performing in the show world, mastering dressage & appearing in numerous calendars, photo shoots, books & ads over the next 15 years. 

In addition to her working career, Kuchi as well as her sire The Gypsy King were later immortalized by Breyer and became collectible limited edition models for the toy company. Read more about Kuchi Breyer here> 

December 2016 Kuchi would once again gear up to embark an entirely new and different journey.  Approaching age 18 in the year 2017, Kuchi now resides/happily retired in the foothills of the San Isabel forest in Colorado where she is privately owned, ridden, pampered & very much loved by Cherry Creek Vanners.