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Foaling Series Intro

Often times there is a frightening component for the mare owner during the birth process. Many things can go dramatically wrong and this thought can give rise to fear and anxiety during the pending foaling season to many new horse owners.

The birth of a horse is a powerful event while the mare is incapacitated and concentrates solely on her foaling. She knows her foal is vulnerable. Making the adaptation from birth to survival outside the uterus independently is a crucial process for the foal or they will perish. The foals main defense is to quickly learn how to keep up with mama, equipped with its long legs.

Nearly every loss of foal or mishap during the process can be prevented or corrected. Once in a while something will go wrong that is un-preventable. Having a knowledgeable foaling attendant on watch as well as learning everything you can from an experienced breeder, before foaling begins, will ensure that nothing goes wrong.

I hope you will join us and follow along with our series of posts during the following weeks, as I share our personal experiences while foaling and interpret our expertise, skill and good old fashioned horsemanship as baby season begins.

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