GG Starbuck Offspring Recap

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

GG Starbuck has produced an equal amount of colts as he has fillies to date. That could all change in 2020 while he is expecting four new foals. Cherry Creek Vanners is expecting two foals this Spring while Horner Gypsy Vanners is expecting a Starbuck foal as well as a silver dapple show horse & gem of a mare in California. We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! Here is a recap of Starbuck's foal crops over the years.

WR GRANDE Stunning long legged colt with his blazing blue eyes.

WR KILO gorgeous solid black colt with four white feet.

WR TINO has the most gorgeous blaze!

WR CUP OF JOE another gorgeous solid color son of Starbuck.

WR PANDAS TRIBUE TO GG STARBUCK a carbon copy of Starbuck.

BANDERA BALLADEER a gorgeous splash of GG Starbuck (shown on the left)

WR HEAVENLY NILE black & white tobiano & flashy tail

WR HEAVENS HOPE is simply gorgeous!

BANDERA ASCOT ROSE brilliant tobiano filly with some serious front leg muscle:)

BANDERA HOCUS POCUS lovely black filly

SWF STAR BABY sweet perfection.

BANDERA TIPPERY ROSE big gorgeous tobiano Texas show mare


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