The Summer of the Stars

From the East Coast to the West Coast and somewhere in between, GG Starbuck had been busy working his magic for a new 2020 Foal crop. The first of those due in just 60 days, include SWF Pearlie Girl, with one foal to follow another through the Summer season, so we are just going to refer to it as the "Summer of Stars":) by Starbuck.

With the un-certainty that we all feel in this day in age, it's exciting & essential to have something really special to look forward to, so we would like to invite all of you, to join us for the "Summer of Stars"

By signing up on our website, you will be the first to know when a foal is born, seeing first photographs of each new foal born on the farm in 2020. Photographs are sent to you email the day of birth before anyone else on the web gets to see.

GG Starbuck

It's like butterflies, to anticipate each thoughtfully planned foal and see the pure magic unfold as the sweet babies are born. We sometimes spend hours wondering and pondering, will it be a filly or colt, what color & who will the foal fall character to, his sire or dam or somewhere in between?

We can wish all of these things, but most importantly we always hope for a safe delivery & healthy foal. We want to share this experience with you first hand. Please come join us, for the summer of Stars with GG Starbuck!

Here are the Stars that will arrive this summer. Each mare with a unique pedigree, background & DNA profile, guaranteeing that each of these foals will be as unique and special as the stars themselves!

GG Starbuck X SWF Pearlie Girl

GG Starbuck X RWF Cinderella

GG Starbuck X Coates Black Diamond

GG Starbuck X Eden

Pearlie Girl


Black Diamond

Eden (photo not available)

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