Triple Crowned

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

GG Latcho's Shadow & GG Kiss Me Kate welcomed a colt into the world March 28th 2020 at 8:45 pm. Latcho's Shadow is a Multi Grand Champion in the Dressage & Jump world, one of the only Gypsy Vanner Stallions to compete in high jumping. Kiss Me Kate is the nation's 29 times Supreme champion amongst many other National awards, the most winningest mare in the country to date and you can learn more about her fascinating show career, through the link provided below. Their colt, Shadow X Kiss Me Kate, was carried via embryo transfer by "Sonya", Kiss Me Kate's broodmare and she delivered a stunning, healthy black colt.

Sire: GG Latcho's Shadow

Dam: GG Kiss Me Kate

GG Latcho's Shadow X GG Kiss Me Kate 2020 Colt

The colt, is the only triple bred, "Gypsy King" colt in the world. The Gypsy King is one of the first original Gypsy Vanners imported into the nation in 1998 and is also sire to our Kuchi, whom she became known as the birth of the breed in America and this colt shall wear his crown of legacy, three-fold. He is just as incredible by pedigree, as he is in shape & form! We are so looking forward to watching him mature and showing us just what he is capable of.

Congratulations to Rod & Gun Club Stables & Samantha Hull Crook & David Crook. What an incredible pairing!!

Foal Photos and Video footage courtesy of Samantha Hull Crook

The Late Gypsy King, shown above, (Original Heart & Start of the Breed) owned by Dennis Thompson of Gypsy Gold Farm.

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