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We not only work with some of the nation's top Gypsy Vanner breeding facilities, we also work with many new gypsy owners.

Become a client of Cherry Creek to learn to breed, build a herd or hand raise your next life long friend or champion with quality heirloom bloodlines and temperament. 

Your investment is important to us

When you choose our breeding service, we understand that you are committing to an investment. Our breeding agreement is geared to be breeder friendly.


As a client of our breeding service, you are entitled to the right to breed more than once with your breeding purchase, should you need to.


We are seasoned breeders and understand not all mares take the first try. Should it be, the mare ovulates too soon, or absorbs the fetus. It's not often that these things happen, but we always consider the possibility to protect our client interest in their breeding.


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Purchasing a foal from us

Many of our bloodlines are ir-replaceable and heirloom. Our stallions are the nations top breeding stallions. The mares at Cherry Creek have each been evaluated on a temperament scale, a conformation scale and by what they can re-produce. These are the three key points and all are equally important in re-producing. We are now only producing the ut-most A+ quality conformation, temperament & movement. As experienced and knowledgeable breeders, we are at that point where we will never produce twice what doesn't meet A grades by all three key points. 


Purchasing a foal from Cherry Creek ensures that, you are dealing with a knowledable breeder. Weather it's your first investment into a gypsy vanner or your wish to add more heirloom bloodlines to your own breeding program or wishing to hand raise that next champion & sporting horse, you will know that quality all around is paramount to us as breeders. 

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We are a great resource for foaling, breeding and hand raising your foal. We welcome new clients and continually reach out to see how things are going. We are a family business, so we treat you like family and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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