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Our Stallions Offspring

Thank you for your interest in breeding to our Stallions. They are the crown of our breeding program.


GG Latcho Shadow             GG Starbuck              


GG Latcho Shadow and GG Starbuck are easily identifiable as two of  late Latcho Drom's most notable offspring. Forging their own legacy by producing champion foals that are wildly beautiful!


Shadow and Starbucks sire Latcho Drom, one of the first stallions imported to the USA,  was breathtaking! He paved the way for what is desired in the breed, setting standards by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. 

*GG Latcho Shadow's dam, Darby Dolly,  the first gypsy to set hoof on US soil.

*GG Starbuck's dam Kuchi, is the 1st gypsy vanner  born on USA soil. Kuchi's first foal is GG Starbuck. Shadow and Starbuck are the first of firsts with the foremost original pedigree. 

By choosing to breed your mare to GG Latcho Shadow & GG Starbuck, you are preserving the most incredible heirloom bloodline. Your resulting foal becomes a part of a historical pedigree, including Gypsy King, The walking bank, The Laughing Smiling Horse, Kuchi, Darby Dolly, Mary, Bat, Latcho Drom, GG Latcho Shadow and GG Starbuck. All of the greats!

GG Latcho Shadow & GG Starbuck have become the nations top choice for breeders. Both Supreme Champion mares and National Champions are choosing GG Starbuck and GG Latcho Shadow and are currently producing the country's top Gypsy Vanner foals. Their legacy in the show pen is perpetuated by their colorful offspring and the showmen and women who are bringing home blue ribbons, national championships and 5 star ratings. Each one trail blazing golden futures. They are the ultimate breeding! 


GG Latcho Shadow and GG Starbuck are available to approved outside mares (shipped collection, no live cover) for the 2022-2023 breeding season. Shipping is available in the USA and Canada. 

Our breeding agreement is structured to coordinate your breeding in a smooth process. No headaches involved, we run our door to door service in a smooth and simplified manner from contract to delivery. At any time you need help with breeding questions or foaling, we look forward to being at service to you. Its not just our profession, it's our counted joy to assist you in your breeding program. 

GG Latcho Shadow offspring are featured first below here, with each album sorted by most recent year of babies along with their coordinating dam and breeder.  Scroll half way down to view GG Starbuck offspring. 

If you wish to breed to GG Latcho Shadow or GG Starbuck, now is the time to do so. Cherry Creek in 2023 will be offering a limit to outside breeding to curb client competition and overproduction, increasing value of client offspring, much like limited editions. It is our goal to keep the integrity of these great stallions and a personal priority to guarantee the quality of your investment. Then, there shall be no more public breedings available. We will then breed strictly to our own stock after the limit with both GG Latcho Shadow and GG Starbuck. 

GG Latcho Shadow and GG Starbuck are both DNA EE and are both pssm1 negative. As you can see from their foal albums, they are capable of producing every color depending on the color of your mare. 

                                         Very Kindly,


                                                 Cherry Creek Vanners 

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